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This is my very first game I've actually tried developing as an actual game and this was done for the two week Winter My First Game Jam on itch.io! It's built in Gamemaker: Studio 1.4, and I have where possible used no drag and drop stuff. This is all in GML.

Fair warning, there is a LOT - and i literally mean EVERYTHING here - of Placeholder assets or "Programmer Art" as it's often known as. I've tried to at least make it look okay for placeholder art but I'm not terribly good at art. ^^;

FURTHER warning: This game is by no means complete. This is all I managed to create in two weeks, not for lack of trying, but holding down a retail job and various other factors meant that I did not get the whole two weeks to program effectively. I think in total I managed to work about a week solid on this out of the two weeks, but I'm pleased with what I managed to code.

All of this is done by hand, with minimal googling for ideas on how to fix certain bugs, and I did have some help from a social-media friend who suggested a way of NOT having to use Alarms to time events, that fixed a very frustrating bug where the Alarm Function simply WOULDN'T, so shoutouts to @MOKKA for that one and saving me a lot of frustration and time :D

Windows only for the time being I'm afraid.

Controls are cursor keys and spacebar to move and fire, and R to restart the alpha. There's no title screen, or pause screen, or powerups, or health pickups, or boss, or ground turrets, or other weapons, or real content, but there's five types of enemy wave to get through, three distinct enemy ships, and one recoloured enemy drone.

And no you can't transform into a mech sadly.



Rest assured I'll continue working on this from time to time as much as I can, as I really want to actually turn this into a completed game. I've got a bunch of plans for things with it and I've really enjoyed learning GML and learning how to code. Don't expect rapid updates I'm afraid. I learn perhaps a bit slower than most, and work just as slow too ^^; My dayjob unfortunately pays the bills a bit better than my hobby does.

Regardless, this game will be completely free, and until it's released I doubt I'll ever charge for it. Heck, even in the future I might still just release the full completed thing as a pay what you want if I feel it's worth any cash at all.

So yeah! Enjoy! Or not. I'm a hobby-coder, not a cop :)


Cuteemup alpha v0-001.exe 2 MB

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